International Programmes



Tumble Tots

Physical Play

Tumble Tots is a world-renowned UK-based personality development programme through physical play, for children aged 6 months - 7 years.

Tumble Tots develops children’s physical skills of agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination through the use of brightly coloured specialized equipment.

The programme has benefited more than a million children since 1979 and encourage in them a healthy and active lifestyle and the confidence to reach their maximum potential.

The programme is divided into several age groups to bring the richest experiences possible to your child.

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Little Ustaads

Music Class

Beat a tabla, strum a sitar, groove to teen taal and rock to a raga!

Little Ustaads allows children (0 - 4 years) and parents to discover the world of Indian classical music through rhythmic tunes, rich vocals, mini instruments and vibrant visuals.

Each 45-minute session reveals the charm of traditional music in a contemporary style. The carefully designed content promotes emotional development, hand-eye coordination and mental stimulation in a fun and effortless manner.

Little Ustaads Classes are currently being held in Mumbai at TAC Worli, Malabar Hill, Colaba & Bandra, but also in New York & New Jersey

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  What Parents Say About Little Ustaads


We have a rich musical cultural heritage - and sharing that with our children at an early age is truly beneficial. The children are exposed to sounds that are different, they enjoy playing the instruments, they learn about counting beats, and begin to understand the concept of rhythm. Music enhances their development and this course generates an interest towards Indian Classical Music while making it a joyous journey ! Thank you TAC for introducing this course - it is superb ! 
- South Mumbai Mother

Little Ustaads is not only a music class for toddlers, but rather a self-realization class for mothers and children. This is the age where the natural talent of a child can be discovered. Each child is born with a gift, and it is our job to realize it. Little Ustaads is the perfect tool to carve tomorrow’s great talents.
- Anup Jalota, Musician and Singer




In-house Programmes


  Notes & Keys

Music Class

One and a Two and a One Two Three Four...
Notes and Keys is a fresh alternative music programme for little people based on tunes for big people. See how we get your little ones tapping to jazz, heads bopping to rock and fingers snapping to Broadway beats. Accompanying the pop music, we have rhymes and grooves from around the World, award-winning stories by notable authors, elementary musical theory and plenty of time for letting out energy through song and dance.

Notes and Keys aims to bring the variety and flavor to our children's lives through different disciplines. Come join the party and open their little minds to our rich and big world.




Arts & Craft, Creative Workshops

They target children’s creativity and imagination through use of art & craft, cooking, music and storytelling. Little Explorers is for children from 2-3 years which allows a child to develop fine motor skills through his senses. There are creative workshops for children from 3-5 years as well as another for children from 5-7 years which develop a child's creativity and imagination skills through the use of different textures and materials. Each group consists of 8-10 maximum children with the expertise of 2 skilled trainers.



  Bollywood & Classical

Dance Class

Bollywood & Classical dance classes are taught by experienced dance instructors to encourage mind and body co-ordination, build self-confidence and focus, develop social skills by dancing in a group environment as well as to encourage the child to begin and understand different sounds and rhythm.




Dance Class

Ballet improves a child’s hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and gives your child a proper posture and grace. It also gives your child a supple yet strong body. A class is conducted for a group of 10 children maximum from the age of 4 years and above.



  Drama, Speech & Performance: Mr Bookworm and Drama Time

Drama Class

Drama, Speech and Performance is taught by an experienced and trained professional. There is Mr. Bookworm for children from 3-5 years where reading and story-telling is made alive through exploring sound and movement and Drama Time where an introduction into the world of theatre and a chance to explore working on a play is given to 5-7 year olds.



  Friday Club

Fun Activity for Kids

Friday Club is a very special evening for children from 3-7 years of age. The children are provided with blankets or sleeping bags, and pajamas. TAC also provides snacks, drinks, and of course, the fun! This is an evening of pure entertainment, for children, whilst parents enjoy some well-deserved time out.



  Birthday Parties

Fun Activity for Kids

TAC Birthday Parties are a mix of silliness and big time FUN – the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable day. The parties are private and parents love that they can relax while the TAC Team takes care of everything. If you would like us to host your child’s next birthday party, contact us now!