The Mango Tree Preschool


  Preschool Curriculum


Choosing a good preschool in Mumbai is one of the most important choices you can do for your child’s wellbeing. The best preschool for your children is a preschool that will support their overall growth and development, give them strong learning bases and prepare them for school and the life ahead.

We offer a full preschool curriculum including the following classes:

MOTHER TODDLER (8months to 18 months)
PLAYSCHOOL (18 months to 2.6yrs)
NURSERY (2.6yrs to 3.6yrs)
LOWER KG (3.6yrs to 4.6yrs)
HIGHER KG (4.6yrs onwards)


  Easy Learning

At The Mango Tree, we want children to feel excited about learning, so we strive to create a happy atmosphere where learning is fun.


  Montessori, Play-Way and Child Development

The Mango Tree uses the Montessori System and the Play–way method. Our activities cover intellectual, physical and social development:

  • Mathematical skills: developed with the help of logic and reasoning.

  • Language skills: reinforced by the use of songs, phonetics, sentence building, and reinforcing vocabulary.

  • Field trips: undertaken to bring about an understanding of the world around them.

  • Physical Skills: developed through play and our gym based program Tumble Tots that helps in the development of large motor skills, balancing, climbing, agility and coordination skills.

  • Music: as we believe music has remarkable effect on the child’s mental abilities, we have incorporated both Little Ustaads an Indian classical music program and Notes and Keys as part of the curriculum.

  • Social skills: developed at every level as the children learn to interact with children of all nationalities in small groups.

  Child-Friendly Environment

Our Centre respects all international safety measures for a safe and comfortable environment.

We have huge sunny rooms with visually stimulating colours and materials to develop your child’s visual skills.