About Us


  Education Through Play

We apply our unique education method, “education through play” in all our activities and in our preschool, The Mango Tree.

Children and toddlers need stimulating activities to develop their language, reasoning and social and physical skills. We take inspiration in the latest developments in child education, as well as Montessori and Play-Way methods to make sure that all our activities improve your child’s wellbeing and learning.

We’re the only centre for toddlers in Mumbai with fun and interesting activities that also help your child grow.


  Child Specialists Opinion

Our method is based on scientific knowledge about children development. Read on to learn more about what child specialists have to say:


On Children and Toddlers Development:

  • “Babies are born with a sophisticated brain that is pre-programmed to learn and react to its environment. Development in the first three years of life is incredibly quick.” (Child Motor Development)

  • “A child's most formative years are their youngest from birth to age 5. 85% of a child's intellect, personality and social skills are developed by that age.” (Statesman Journal)

On Physical Play Programs:

  • “At only a few months of age, babies will open their hand to the size of an object they want to grasp. This is the beginning of visuo-motor control or hand-eye coordination. This is a realm in which physical activity really helps development.” (Developing Children's Perception by Dr. Janine Spencer, Tumble Tots UK)

  • “The recommended amount of daily activity for children 12-36 months old is at least 30 minutes of structured physical activity (adult-led) And at least 60 minutes unstructured physical activity (free play).” (National Association for Sports and Physical Education)


On Activities for Toddlers:

  • “As a general rule, toddlers shouldn't be inactive for more than 1 hour at a time, except for sleeping. That's a lot of work for parents and caregivers, but a lot of much-needed activity for toddlers.” (National Association for Sports and Physical Education)

On Music for Children:

  • “One must acknowledge the importance of music in the classroom. Music gets the whole child involved in the process of learning. Music activities prepare the brain for more difficult tasks needed later by preparing the brain to work from both hemispheres.” (Early Childhood News)

  • “Learning style researchers, Rita and Kenneth Dunn, have found that as many as 85 percent of people are kinesthetic learners. (Einstein was a kinesthetic learner.) Combining this with the fact that 99 percent of what is learned is unconscious, we must realize the impact of music and movement activities.(Early Childhood News)